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Circle Hunting with @marcelonava

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“While studying symbology in college, I noticed the importance of shapes throughout history,” says São Paulo Instagrammer and creative director Marcelo Nava (@marcelonava). “Suddenly, I began to pay attention to the many circles in my everyday life. I started thinking about telling my story through circles.” Marcelo created the hashtag #roundseries, and his quest for the perfect circle has led to some interesting stories. “I recently found this amazing circular vent, which was unfortunately way too high for me to capture. I had to have two of my friends lift me up so that I could get the right angle,” he says. This event reminded Marcelo why circles were so meaningful as symbols. “They represent trust and collaboration.”

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The White Lotus vs. The Red Lotus


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Episode 28 – How to have a Productive Eid?

How to have a productive Eid:

1) Start with the takbeer

2) Prepare early for the Eid prayer

3) Take that day off

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Ghibli + Rivers and Streams

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Photographer Vincent Brady has come up with an ingenious technique to create 360° time-lapses of the night sky.

Vincent built a custom rig to hold 4 cameras with fish eye lenses to capture the entire night sky in motion.

360° Time-Lapses of the Night Sky in Motion

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